Holy NaNoWriMo, Batman!

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I’ve done it! After all these years of promising myself I’d take the challenge to write 50,000 words of a novel during National Novel Writing Month, this is the year.

Three days in, it’s already been a wild and crazy experience. For non-Wrimos, the contest starts at midnight on October 31 and lasts until midnight November 30. More than 300,000 writers are taking part in the event.

A big step for this introverted author was to attend a local NaNoWriMo Write In event over the weekend. A handful of bleary-eyed writers convening at a local eatery, plenty of caffeine and snack intake, words flying through cyberspace. Glad I attended, plan to go to at least one per week until the month is gone.

Prayers said, fingers crossed, Pinterest page and EverNote filled with visuals and storylines. I hit 6k words this morning, hope the momentum continues (I’ve already heard about the dreaded 35k wall!)

Stay tuned, there could be a novel out there soon…but did I mention that we write this month without editing, at all? Lots of work to be done beginning on December 1, but for now, I’m a Wrimo and I’m pumped!

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